Benefits & Prices

The following prices are in general for 2016:

Entry fee from 24th November 2015: 445 € / Person

Special prices for U23-riders*:

Entry fee from 24th November 2015: 345 € / Person

The following benefits are included in the entry fee per participant:

  • Local accreditation and issuing of starter kit, which contains: participant-ID, starting number, parking permit, meal ticket, recise road book, complete with maps, and give-aways
  • Signposting of the course in its entirety with clearly visible BIKE Four Peaks signs
  • Free parking on local parking lots in both stage areas
  • Mobile support personnel to warn motorists
  • Marshalls on motorcycles and bicycles ahead of the field to check the signposting and ensure the safety of all participants
  • Marshalls on motorcycles and bicycles in the field to make sure participants keep with the rules (i.e. wear a helmet, keep road traffic regulations, don't use escort vehicles, etc.)
  • Emergency doctors on motorcycles and bicycles fully equipped to help injured persons
  • Ambulances with paramedics to further take care of injured persons, resp. medical tent at the finish
  • Permanent contact with local emergency officials and first-aid centers to ensure assistance in case of a bigger accident
  • Professional Start/Finish area in the respective center of the city or at certain points-of-interest, cordoned off from road traffic
  • Professional timekeeping by way of transponders
  • Result service after each stage
  • Daily check points to keep track on all participants
  • Two catering points per stage
  • Food and drinks at the finish of each stage
  • “Do it yourself” Bikestations at the catering points
  • Info counter at each stage place to assist with accommodations, help find rooms or a place for your caravan on short notice
  • Race Office at each stage place to answer questions about regulations, course, etc.
  • Daily, up-to-date Internet coverage of the BIKE Four Peaks
  • Press office and services
  • Photo service for the participants (photos have to be paid for)
  • High-quality finisher jersey, - medal and -certificate (for official finishers)
  • Disbursement of prize monies

The following services can be purchased additionally:

Bus transportation between 2nd and 3rd stage
Shuttle bus for transporting the participant and his/her luggage and bike 
Price per person and bike: 15 €

Shuttletimes: will follow shortly

Transportation of the Bikebox from the start of the tour to the finish
Price per Bikebox: 10 €

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